So you want to be a Nursery Nurse?

Date: 07 Nov 2017

Firstly, congratulations on your decision and welcome to a very special club full of exceptional, caring and talented members. You have made one of your most rewarding life and career decisions and your future will be bright based on these three thoughts.

  1. Children do the funniest things!
  2. Your nieces, nephews, cousins or neighbour's kids have always made you laugh. You find yourself engaging in long conversations and asking them questions to find out how their minds tick. Its second nature and comfortable to play alongside children. This is where it all begins, with putting kids first.  You have started to build bonds and attachments that children so strongly need to play, thrive and development at nurseries. It’s how parents know their children are happy and nurtured (As a Mum, this is what makes leaving our children in your care all the easier).

  3. That hidden creative side!
  4. You loved art at school. You have kept your art scrap book and find yourself doodling masterpieces or flicking through Pinterest.  Don’t delay! Use this interest to help children explore their creativity. Every person, every child has unique gifts and talents. We now know that being in touch with our creativity has strong links to mindfulness and a positive outlook. Why not encourage this from the very start of a child’s walk through life?

  5. Community – Not just Facebook friends
  6. Becoming a Nursery Nurse

    You want to be a part of something bigger and work with likeminded people, but haven’t got there yet. There is something magical about working with a group of hard working, generous people. The magic happens when you achieve your shared goals and have fun along the way. Your nursery colleagues become your second family and will support you through the rough and smooth in life.

If any of this sounds like something you want to be a part of, then Floral Place Nursery and Preschool are recruiting for kind, creative and hardworking colleagues. We’d love to hear from you