World Values Day

Date: 20 Oct 2017

Today is national World Values Day. Values are defined as “principles or standards of behaviour; one's judgement of what is important in life”.

At Bright Horizons, we live by our HEART Principles. Our principles are at the heart of everything we do; in our people, services and culture.


We create an atmosphere of honesty and truth by openly communicating with one another.


We always give our best and work together to deliver extraordinary customer service. We are doing serious and important work. We take pride in what we do and never lose sight of what is important.


We learn from our mistakes and admit when we are wrong. We provide feedback and take action.  We ask questions, seek solutions and embrace new ideas.


We recognise and appreciate the value everyone brings. We are polite and helpful to others and create inclusive working environments.


We are passionate about our ability to work together collectively. We share ideas, support one another and create a welcoming environment, all of which enable us to achieve extraordinary things.