Bringing The Outdoors Indoors At Columbus Courtyard Nursery And Preschool

Bringing the Outdoors Indoors at Columbus Courtyard Nursery and Preschool

Date: 15 Sep 2017

Physical play and exercise is vitally important for children’s early development, particularly in helping children to develop fine and gross motor skills, work as a team and develop confidence. At Bright Horizons Columbus Courtyard Day Nursery and Preschool on Canary Wharf physical play activities take place every day both outside on the Wharf and also in the nursery’s very special indoor activity room!

Unique in its own right, the nursery’s activity room is bright, colourful and spacious, and contains a variety of resources which enable children to take part in physical activity and exercise. The room is one that Marufa Anwari, Nursery Manager at Columbus Courtyard, is particularly proud of and takes full advantage of every day:

“The play room is used on a daily basis and every age group has access to it, from our youngest babies up to our preschool children”. 

Bringing the Outdoors Indoors at Columbus Courtyard Nursery and PreschoolWhilst used predominantly for physical play, the Columbus Courtyard’s activity room is also used for activities linked to Bright Horizons’ famous Growing Enhancements, which play a vital role within the nursery’s education programme. The enhancements include Growing Mathematicians, Writers and Readers and also a range of extra-curricular activities, including Active Athletes, Growing Scientists and Growing Artists.

“We have a moving dance area within the activity room and the children conduct all of their science experiments there,” said Anwari. “Our climbing frames and bikes encourage the children to participate in physical play and the children use stopwatches to have races with each other.”

The preschool children also take part in a daily ‘wake and shake’ activity upon arrival at the nursery every morning. This activity takes place in the activity room and the children prepare for a day of play and learning through stretching and dance.

Marufa and her team look forward to welcoming more children to the nursery to take full advantage of this impressive facility.