Why I Love My Job

Date: 27 Jun 2017

The meaning of what is like to be a nursery nurse, the love, the passion and the reason why many have chosen to work in childcare… as well as the up & downs of the day to day job have been capture in this beautiful poem, written by one of our childcare practitioners, Lois from Bright Horizons Jack Straws Day Nursery and Preschool

Being a Nursery Nurse

Where do we even begin to thank you?
For all of the things, big and small that you do.
Each and every day, there’s always something that’s new. 

“A practitioner, you must just play”, 
Is one of the phrases they always say, 
Yeah, if only that was all you do every day!

Nursery educator doesn’t even cover, 
Half of the things you do without bother. 
If I had to choose a term it would be, “second mother”. 

You're there from the very beginning,
Right through to the end,
With the shoulder to cry on and the ear to lend.

You nurse, you cuddle, you clean and you care.
Sometimes with the addition of snot in your hair.
Even still, you’re always there. 

You paint, you draw, you teach and you read.
You support, you ask, you provide and you lead. 
Not forgetting to wipe down those grazed knees. 

You dance, you sing, you play and you act. 
You race, you throw, you kick and you catch.
You’ll never quite know how important your impact. 

You develop relationships, help them feel secure.
Support their needs, so delicate and pure. 
You’re their special key person, of that I am sure. 

Each and all of the things you provide,
You do with such effort and take it all in your stride. 
There’s no doubt in this world, you leave us bursting with pride.

Not just from our children, but from myself and Sue, 
 We really appreciate all that you do,
Our Nursery is a family and for that we thank you!