How To Set Up A Creation Station

How to set up a Creation Station

Date: 21 Apr 2017

Children are naturally creative; adults can help them by providing materials to get them on that creative path.  Why not develop a “Creation Station” where children can go to find all the items they might need to make anything they choose.

Provide tools – chunky chalks, crayons, brushes, pencils, pens, scissors, rubbers, sharpeners.  Experiment with sticks, sponges, cloth, teasel heads, cut up vegetables.  All these can be dipped into paint or water and used to make marks.

Provide surfaces - blackboards, whiteboards, cardboard, canvases, paper (different types - coloured, textured, brown, tissue, greaseproof etc). Experiment on outside surfaces - paving stones, sand, mud.

Provide materials – paint, playdough, cornflour gloop, clay, lolly sticks, leaves, shells, fabric, wool, ribbon, magazines, cut-up wrapping paper, foil, cardboard boxes, squeezy bottles, bottle tops, sticky tape, glue sticks.

Some artworks can be transient e.g. stones lined up on the garden path. Encourage children to take a photo of their creations before they are swept away. Develop a scrapbook of things they have done, things that interest them and items that may inspire them.  Look up images of famous artists on the internet or better still, take them to a gallery to show them what others have done. 

It is important to value the process as much as the outcome. Let them use their imaginations, the finished work doesn’t need to look like anything you might recognise but that is fine.  Practical creativity helps children to problem solve for themselves, which is a great skill for their future.