How Bright Horizons Helps With The Transition From Nursery To School

How Bright Horizons Helps with the Transition from Nursery to School

Date: 20 Jul 2016

The leap from nursery to school can be a big one for any child. Our teams across all Bright Horizons Nurseries play a crucial role while assisting with the transition of children preparing for school. Starting school is about so much more than learning to read and write or recognising numbers and letters, it is a time when a child will encounter new routines, new experiences, new people and new situations.

The Head of Early Years Quality Improvement for Bright Horizons, Heidi Falconer, explains: ‘We work closely with the children and parents and our Ready for School materials help to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible, particularly if this is the first experience of this important next step.’

She carries on: ‘Children need to enter school with all the confidence, skills and desire to think for themselves, focus on their responsibilities, solve problems, work with others, communicate, and gain an increasing understanding of the world and how it works. Ready for School helps to equip your school age child with the skills to provide a healthy physical, social, emotional and cognitive readiness to enter school.’

New expectations and a reduced adult to child ratio make it important that each child is as independent and confident as he or she is able to be, so our Ready for School approach gently supports our preschool children in becoming confident and independent in tasks such as looking after their own belongings, managing their own personal hygiene needs, changing for PE, managing their lunch box, or putting hands up to ask or respond to a question. From subtle changes in emphasis at the beginning of the final pre-school year to clearly defined activities as the time of transition approaches, the transition from nursery to school has been made as smooth as possible.

Heidi advises on what you can do a parent: ‘Speak to the nursery staff, ask them for their tips and suggestion suited specifically for your child. Visit our Learning at Home page for more ideas. Visit your local library and borrow some books which will help you to talk to your child about the school and new routine.’