Growing Readers At Bright Horizons

Growing Readers at Bright Horizons

Date: 26 Jul 2016

Our Growing Readers approach inspires a love of books and stories, and nurtures the desire to be a reader and a creator of stories. The Growing Readers Quarterly newsletter recommends Books of Excellence and fun activities to support you in helping your child to grow into a confident reader with a love of books and passion for reading.

Research shows that the earlier children have enjoyable experiences with books and reading, the earlier their language and literacy skills blossom. This is why we enlist the help of children, families and practitioners to choose the Books of Excellence from a collection selected by the fantastic team at Letterbox Library.

The nurseries spend time together enjoying and sharing the books, having fun with language and engaging in exciting activities based on the children’s interests and ideas around the stories. They then democratically decide on their two favourite books children aged 0-2 years and 3-5 years. We also enlist the help of older brothers and sisters to help us choose the book for children aged six and above.

The chosen books become our Books of Excellence which we send, along with our informative Growing Readers Quarterly Newsletter, to all of our nurseries and Bright Spaces for our children and families to enjoy. The books are available to buy from Letterbox Library.

Growing Readers brings together home and nursery life, providing parents with some of the theory behind developing children’s reading and language skills, and sharing suggested books and activities for parents and children to explore together. 

See some of our favourite books on our Growing Readers page; or visit your local Bright Horizons Nursery and ask for a copy of Growing Readers Quarterly.