Getting Ready To Go On Holiday!

Getting Ready to Go on Holiday!

Date: 04 Jul 2016

It is great to have something to look forward to and we all love the anticipation of going on a holiday.  A trip to somewhere else in this country or abroad brings with it a wealth of new experiences for a child and through these they learn more about the world we all inhabit.  Before you go it is great to discuss where you are going and what you might see. 

Get out an atlas or find a map to show your child the location of your destination. Get them to think about the time it will take to get there and how far away that is.  Think about how some modes of transport would get you there quicker than others.  Compare it with the time it takes to get to the shops or to the nursery.

Find a book or use technology to find out more about the place you will visit. What will the weather be like? What will there be to see? Find some images of the place and discuss what is in them and what the differences might be between that and home?

If there is going to be a different language spoken, find some key words you might want to use and practice saying them.

Get them to think about things they might need to pack.  Write a list with them and explain why they may need to limit what they take (carrying, baggage allowances etc). Discuss how many days are you going for and so how many pairs of pants might they need to take?  What kind of activities are they going to do, so what kind of things will they need to take to help them do these things?

If the place uses different currency, compare it with our own money.  Get them to think about how much they might need to buy an ice cream or a postcard to write to their friends at nursery.  If the postcard has to travel a long way, how long might it take to get there?  Get them to think about the process of the card travelling back to the nursery.

Any trip even for just a day, can be a new and exciting experience for a child. Outings are the things we remember after childhood is long gone, especially when adults help to make them special.  Happy Holidays!