5 Ideas For An Extra Special Father’s Day

5 Ideas for an Extra Special Father’s Day

Date: 14 Jun 2016

Super Dads deserve a super Father’s Day and so we’ve put together some ideas to help you make this Sunday (19th June) an extra special celebration. From thoughtful handmade cards to delicious foodie treats, there are lots of suggestions to help make Dad feel thoroughly spoilt this weekend.

1)    Crafty Cards

A handmade card feels more personal than one bought off-the-shelf. Plus, making their own card is a great way to get your children excited about Father’s Day.

Depending on how messy you want the activity to be, there are lots of different designs you can create for Father’s Day cards.  If you’re going to stick to colouring pens and pencils, there are some brilliant printable templates available here.

But if you’re going all out with the crafts a couple of our favourite Father’s Day cards are the ‘I Love You This Much’ card and the ‘Father’s Day Trophy’ - you can try them at home following the instructions below.

The ‘I Love You This Much!’ Card

You will need: coloured paper, marker pens, pritt stick, scissors and (optionally) any glitter, stickers, sequins etc. for decoration.

1)      Start by tracing around your child’s hands on coloured paper.

2)      Use scissors to cut out the hand shapes.

3)      Cut a long strip on paper in a different colour from your hand shapes.

4)      In marker pen write, ‘THIS MUCH!’ on the strip of paper and then fold in up into a concertina.

5)      Then on the front of one of the hands write ‘I LOVE YOU…’

6)      Use pritt stick to stick one end of the concertina to each of the hand shapes, making sure the ‘I LOVE YOU…’ message is on the front of the card.

7)      Finally add any other decorations you child wants to use. They could draw pictures, add glitter, sequins and confetti, or use stickers to personalise the card.

The Best Dad in the World Trophy

You will need: two Styrofoam cups, PVA glue, coloured card, marker pens, yellow or gold paint, scissors and (optionally) any glitter, stickers, sequins etc. for decoration.

1)      Start by sticking the bottoms of your Styrofoam cups together so they stand one on top of the other.

2)      Next paint your cups gold or yellow and put to one side to dry.

3)      Then draw two handle shapes onto the coloured card and cut them out.

4)      Once your cups have dried stick the handles to either side to create a trophy shape.

5)      Use a marker pen to write ‘NUMBER 1 DAD!’ onto the front of the trophy

6)      Finally let your child decorate the trophy with any extras they’d like to add.

2)    Make a date with Dad

This is a lovely idea for you to spend some quality time together as a family and also a nice way to get your children thinking about ways their Dad would like to spend Father’s Day.

Get your children to choose an activity they’d like to do with their Dad on Father’s Day. It could be a trip to the cinema, a museum visit, going to see a football game, going to the park. But encourage them to think about something their Dad would enjoy.

Then have them make handmade tickets or invitations for their activity that can go inside their Father’s Day card.

3)    Personalised T-Shirts

How about making Dad a special t-shirt he can wear on Father’s Day? You could have a shirt printed with a photograph and a special message or go D.I.Y and buy some fabric paints your children can decorate a plain tee with.

4)    Foodie Favourites

If there’s one thing we know will be a big hit with every Dad this Father’s Day it’s some delicious home-baking!

Why not use this Sunday as an excuse to try out one of our Easy Peasy Bakes?  They’re simple recipes with lots of hands-on biscuit bashing, kneading dough and stirring to get your little ones involved with.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat we recommend the No-Bake Cheesecake, and you could decorate the top with a special Father’s Day message for the occasion. Or, if you’d rather make something savoury, the Funny Face Pizzas are great fun to make and you could decorate them to look like Dad too!

5)    The Wheel of Father’s Day Fortune

This is another crafty activity your children will love and a fun game you can play during the day whenever you feel like Dad needs an extra treat.

To make the wheel of Father’s Day fortune you will need: a paper plate, a paper split pin, coloured paper, coloured pens, scissors and (optionally) any glitter, stickers, sequins etc. for decoration.

1)      Around the outside of the paper plate, write five or six different Father’s Day treats. These could be things like ‘give Dad a cuddle’, ‘draw Dad a picture’, ‘let Dad choose a TV show’ or ‘go to the park with Dad’.

If your children are very young it might be best if you do the writing. Or you could type up the treats and have them printed on coloured bits of paper your children can stick onto the edge of the plate.

2)       Next draw an arrow shape on coloured paper, cut it out and write Dad’s present on the arrow.

3)      Carefully pierce the centre of the arrow and the centre of the paper plate and secure the arrow to the plate with the split pin.

4)      Finally let your children decorate the wheel.

We’d love to see how your family celebrate Father’s Day this weekend! Share your pictures on our Facebook and Twitter pages.