International Dance Day

Date: 28 Apr 2016

Friday 29th April is International Dance Day, a day that’s used to celebrate the art of dance. We dance all the time don’t we? It might not be in a show and we might not do a complete routine but we often do a silly dance to make our children laugh, or we dance at parties - it all counts!

In light of International Dance Day we’ve provided you with some information on why dancing is good for children, and then we’ve topped it off with some ideas on how you can celebrate International Dance Day!

What are the benefits of dance?

  • Exercise. Children tend to run around anyway because they are full of energy, but with so many gadgets and games available now it can be hard to tear them away from a screen. Dance is great because it’s great way to exercise without it even feeling like exercise!
  • Health. Dance keeps us healthy, and it’s especially good for children. It reduces the risk of obesity, but it also keeps blood pressure and cholesterol balanced which is good for a child’s health. Dance is great for posture too!
  • Communication skills. If your little one is quite shy then joining a dance class could help to bring them out of their shell more. They’ll learn to interact with other children and will also learn how to work in a team – improving their patience and listening skills.
  • Confidence. Learning a new skill and enjoying it will do wonders for your child’s confidence. If they take part in shows or they have to dance in front of others in the class, it will encourage them to be confident in what they can do which will then show in everyday life.
  • Creativity. Dance is a form of art so it requires creativity; it’s a great way for your children to use their own creativity to make dance moves and routines. But dance also allows children to express themselves if they’ve had a bad or a good day.

Now you know all the benefits of dance, here are some ways in which you can celebrate International Dance Day.

Make up a dance routine to your favourite song

This is fun for all the family as it involves being silly and listening to your favourite songs – what could be more fun? Make some space in your living room so there’s plenty of room to move about and then all that’s left to do is put the music on and start creating your moves! Let your child make up most of the moves so they can express their creativity and you can chip in if they get stuck.

Watch films with dance routines in… and try to learn the moves

There are loads of films with dance routines in that you can learn, High School Musical (1, 2 and 3) has some iconic ones that you and your little dancing king or queen can copy! But you could also go and see a musical as they also have plenty of dancing and singing in!

Join a dance class

Take your child to their very first dance class. Whether it’s ballet, ballroom or street dance, there’s plenty of dance styles to choose from. Use the activities above to see what kind of dance style they have and then ask them what class they’d like to join.

What will you be doing to celebrate International Dance Day this April? Let us know on social media!