Book Club

Date: 12 Feb 2016

At Bright Horizons Didsbury, our children love our Growing Readers programme so we decided to introduce a book club to be held on a Wednesday.  We allow any of our preschool children to come along. Last week, the children selected The Gruffalo's Child by Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler as one of their favourites following on from reading The Gruffalo also by Julia Donaldson.

After Tracey had read the book she asked the children to talk about the book and what they liked or disliked.   

Isaac said; “I think I have seen this on DVD"
Aileen said; “the mouse has terrible whiskers"
Elise and Rishaan liked the snow.
Sam said he knew all along the mouse had a big shadow.
Elena liked the reindeer hiding in the trees.

The children really enjoyed having the book club and we have had some great feedback from the parents.  It’s something we are going to continue at Didsbury Day Nursery and can’t wait to see what other books the children decide to have read to them.  

Rishaan’s mum explained that he had chosen the same book for a bedtime story. After mum had read the book, Rishaan said “so Mummy, what was your favourite bit?”

The children were so interested after reading The Gruffalo’s Child, they decided to paint their favourite characters from the story for a display within their room.  Isaac (one of the book club children) decided to make himself team leader of the group and has told us we all have to wear something green on book club day!

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