Introducing Sporting Activities To Your Child

Introducing sporting activities to your child

Date: 28 Sep 2015

Rugby mania has set in across the country, as for the next 6 weeks England are hosting the Rugby World Cup.

Sport is a great way to encourage your children to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle, as well as developing their social skills and self-esteem.

But what sport and when to start in your child’s life? Below are a few tips on introducing sporting activities to your child…

  • So, when to start?

This really is your decision as parents, and you may find your decision varies with your own children. However, there is no harm in introducing elements from a young age; start simple colourful and big. Balloons can be great as a first ‘ball’ to play with, as they are light, slow and easy for your child to control. Taking your child swimming can be introduced from as early as 6 weeks and is a great way to get them comfortable in the water, ready for swimming lessons when they are a bit older. 

  • Enjoyment is key

The main focus of your child participating in any sport should be primarily for their enjoyment! The more they enjoy it, the more likely they are to continue the sport throughout their life. But if your child does start to regularly complain about not enjoying it anymore, it may be time to look at another sporting activity for them – even if it means they aren’t going to be the next David Beckham like you’d dreamed!

  • Stay supportive

Initially your child will begin by developing their gross motor skills and coordination. But when they do start to learn more skills and rules of the game, and eventually start playing the sport competitively, it is important that you as a parent are supportive and encouraging – rather than screaming at them from the side-lines!

  • Do your research
It is also important that your child responds well to the coaching and learning environment and feels comfortable around the coaches. You know your child best and what methods of learning and playing they will respond best too. So look around at the local clubs available to you and watch a session to ensure you get the best set up for your child’s needs.