Supporting Children's Independence Skills

Supporting children's independence skills

Date: 18 Feb 2015

I can do it! Supporting children's independence skills

Help your child to be ready to cope with the practicalities of the daily routine at school by aiming towards these goals:

Unfastening, taking off and hanging up their coat – then putting it on and fastening themselves -Being able to do this without help makes transition times easy.

Pairing shoes, putting on and fastening - Put an indelible mark inside the left side of the right shoe and the right side of the left shoe – by matching these together the shoes will go on the correct feet. Choosing easy-fastening shoes over the funkiest styles is a good practical consideration!

Taking care of personal belongings - A personal rucksack or bag for keeping a few toys, spare socks, notebook, pencils and crayons, story book etc. helps develop a sense of responsibility. Make sure your child gets used to knowing what they have, where things are, and putting back in the bag after use.

Taking care of personal needs - Being able to go to the toilet independently including managing fastenings and clothing, wiping bottoms and washing hands effectively makes for a much more comfortable day at school

Managing mealtimes - School dinners or packed lunches? A separate Parent Newsletter “Ready for Lunch?” focuses on this key area - ask your Nursery Manager to provide you with a copy
Recognising their own first name – For identifying coat pegs, work books, clothing labels

Always write names in lower case letters with a capital letter to start – Abigail and Samuel rather than ABIGAIL and SAMUEL.

Having the confidence to ask - Teachers and school staff are there to help – give your child the phrases to make their needs known politely and the opportunity to practice in shops, cafes, restaurants and libraries when you’re out and about together.