Choosing your Baby's name

Date: 28 Jan 2015

How did you choose your Baby's name?

Choosing your baby’s name can often be a difficult challenge, especially if your little one hasn’t arrived yet. For many first-time parents, choosing a name may have previously included selecting a pet name or even the name of team.

So, with an infinite number of choices, where do you start? We’ve included a few of our colleagues’ top tips:

Decide any names which you would not consider early on. This may include celebrity names, names from popular culture or a TV series or brand, or perhaps a name with a particular significance.

Research the past. Looking through the decades at the most popular names can often help to broaden your search. You may find a name during the 1900s has resurfaced again since 2000, often skipping generations and also being associated with our memories of grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ generations.

Balancing ‘on-trend’ and ‘traditional'. We often see names that are considered very popular and related to popular culture, and also those which fall at the lower, more conservative end. All choices of names are individual to the person who holds it… But deciding on which part of the spectrum you would like the name to fall can often help to narrow your research and choices.

Write the names down and say them aloud. Try writing down your favourite names to see how they appear on paper. Seeing the name in black and white will help you to visualise but also to check the length of the name – do you like it? Is it too long?

Decide on the nickname. Once you have a few choices, considering nicknames and abbreviated versions is also important. Do we call her Elizabeth or Lizzy? Will he be Michael or Mike?

Be mindful of the initials. It is always worth considering initials when choosing names. There are hundreds of combinations possible but initials are something to keep in mind.

Pick a few name options and then wait until your baby arrives. If you are still undecided on your choice of name, it can be better to wait until you have met your beautiful new family member. You may find a name immediately suits them as soon as you say hello!

How did you choose your baby’s name? Any ideas, experiences and suggestions to consider when selecting a name?