Marta Topornicka

Marketing and Sale Director

Marta joined Bright Horizons in July 2020 as Marketing and Sales Director, having spent 15 years leading sales and marketing, communications and commercial teams across a range of private and public educational organisations in the UK, US and the Middle East. She has also undertaken consultancy projects, sharing her expertise in marketing technologies and digital transformations.

At Bright Horizons, Marta heads our marketing, communications, creative and sales teams, supporting them to deliver seamless, innovative customer experiences for all existing and potential Bright Horizons customers and clients.

Marta specialises in developing strategies which integrate short and mid-term focus on demand generation, whilst building the long-term reputation and market positioning through PR, thought leadership and public engagement. Her expertise lies in brand development and management, and mobilisation across advertising, customer engagement, social media and communication channels.

Marta has a keen interest in behavioural economy and the psychology of decision-making. She believes that persistent innovation, experimentation and creating provocation/disruption enables teams to combine creative, digital and human focus to create the most effective and successful marketing strategies.

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