Meet Our Leadership Team

Our Bright Horizons UK Leadership Team inspires a culture of excellence and enthusiasm within an inclusive work environment. Their vision and strategic direction help to enrich the lives of children in our care and supports families, businesses and employees with practical solutions in our nurseries, and through our work and family services.

To learn more about each member of the team and how they contribute to our company mission, read below:

Ros Marshall

Managing Director

Ros joined Bright Horizons as UK Managing Director in January 2020 to lead our established business in England, Scotland and Wales.

She brings extensive experience to the role and an in-depth understanding of how to deliver exceptional care and education across our network of sites. She previously held senior leadership positions in national and international early childhood, primary and secondary schools.

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Ros Marshall, Managing Director - Bright Horizons UK

Iain Colledge

Executive Director of Operations

Iain leads and oversees our Divisional and Regional Operations teams to ensure operational excellence and best practice in care and education throughout our nurseries.

He also works closely with our specialist support functions to achieve a positive difference in the lives of our children, families, clients, and staff.

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Iain Colledge, Executive Director of Operations - Bright Horizons UK

Caroline Wright

Director of Early Childhood

Caroline is our Director of Early Childhood and leads Bright Horizons' Early Childhood team.

Her team is responsible for developing and leading best practice in teaching and learning across all of our nurseries. They are continually making a positive contribution to national policy, representing Bright Horizons in discussions around Early Childhood development in the UK.

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Caroline Wright, Director of Early Childhood and Leads - Bright Horizons UK

Denise Priest

Executive Director Work+ Family Solutions

Denise’s focus is on developing meaningful and strategic relationships with organisations at leadership level, across an extensive range of sectors.

Having joined Bright Horizons in 1997, Denise pioneered back-up care in the UK from its initial conception in 2006. Today, her leadership includes growing our portfolio of services and adding value to our clients in the UK and internationally.

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Denise Priest, Director of Employer Partnerships - Bright Horizons UK

Janine Leightley

HR Director

Janine joined Bright Horizons in 2021 as our HR Director.

She has a well-established background in operations and HR management and a successful record of leadership, focussing on determining and delivering organisational change. An advocate of strong core principles and shared values, her expertise centres on building the relationships between corporate culture, the employee experience and performance.

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Janine Leightley, HR Director - Bright Horizons UK

Marta Topornicka

Marketing and Sales Director

Having spent 15 years leading sales and marketing, communications and commercial teams, Marta joined Bright Horizons in July 2020 as Marketing and Sales Director.

Heading our marketing, communications, creative and sales teams, she supports them to deliver seamless, innovative customer experiences for all existing and potential Bright Horizons customers and clients.

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Marta Topornicka, Marketing and Sales Director - Bright Horizons UK

John Butler

Director of Finance (UK)

John has extensive expertise within a range of finance, operational and sales roles in the education sector, both nationally and globally.

He is passionate about delivering results which will make a difference in the lives of children and families.

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John Butler, Director of Finance - Bright Horizons UK

Harvey Lay

Property Director

Harvey is the Property Director at Bright Horizons and is responsible for the team that manages all property and health and safety-related aspects of the nursery portfolio.

These include: facilities; health and safety audits; asset/lease management; and refurbishments/project work. He also leads on the acquisition of new nurseries, from site identification, be it a green field site or the conversion of a historic building, to full fit out.

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Harvey Lay, Property Director - Bright Horizons UK

Joanne Price

Director of Legal

Jo is the chief legal advisor to the UK Leadership team and ensures the company is compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.

Leading the Legal Department, Jo is responsible for developing its contribution as a strategic business partner to each function, providing legal solutions which support the commercial and quality needs of the organisation.

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Joanne Price, Director of Legal - Bright Horizons UK