Sustainable Procurement makes a significant contribution to the Bright Horizons Future Earth programme. Working with our suppliers we support the goal to minimise our environmental impact and work towards a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.

What We Achieved in 2022

We secured a new contract for certifiable renewable electricity supply. As a result, we hope to reduce overall carbon emissions by more than 10%.

We saw a reduction in the deliveries of cleaning and hygiene products from next day to weekly, reducing cardon delivery miles by approximately 50%

  • We implemented a new food order process that enables our Nursery Managers to amend their centrally calculated orders to reduce any excess or unwanted food items.
  • We introduced a new method to report on the food in our nurseries. This enables us focus on those nurseries with the highest cost, and learn from the most efficient.

What We Plan to Achieve in 2023

Our Responsible Sourcing Plan

  • We will with ensure, where available, that Red Tractor food products are used on our menus
  • We will with ensure that all fish supplied carries MSC certification
  • We will with ensure that food suppliers support sustainable Palm Oil and are members of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)
  • We aim to work towards achieving 100% of wood products originating from PEFC/FSC sources with full auditable chain of custody
  • We will aim to source our cotton products from producers who are members of BCI or Cotton Connect initiative
  • We will ensure that all suppliers commit and comply with Bright Horizons Supplier Code of Conduct

Regulation and Reporting requirements

  • We will ensure compliance with SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting) and use information to inform our future actions
  • We will complete ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme) phase 3 requirements by December 2023 and use that information to support our energy reduction plans

Sustainability & Environmental Plan

  • We will work with strategic suppliers to identify and agree their measurable sustainability plan by the end of March 2023
  • We will review food orders to our nurseries, to identify efficiencies that will reduce cost and weight of product delivered on a weekly basis
  • Monthly Gas, Electricity and Water meter reading will be taken at all of our settings, to ensure accurate billing rather than estimates. This will allow us to target those settings with the highest usage to identify reduction efficiencies
  • We will work with Food, Hygiene & Consumables suppliers to identify products with highest carbon contribution and look to source alternatives
  • We will trial an alternative washing detergent to enable a lower temperature wash cycle without any impact on cleaning effectiveness
  • Trial a new Bio Hygiene cleaning product that is carbon neutral, contains no toxic chemicals and reduces plastic, that’s still just as effective at cleaning
  • We will implement an ‘end of life’ Uniform and Packaging recycling scheme with Lyreco

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