A baby sits on a nursery worker's lap. The baby looks curiously at the nursery worker, whilst the worker looks happy.All of our baby rooms are homely and welcoming, with enriching activities that promote your little one’s learning and development. Every day is a learning opportunity, and our nurturing and experienced staff guide the children’s progress to each milestone.

We tailor everything to you and your baby from the moment you enquire with us. Settling in sessions give you and baby time to see the nursery and feel comfortable at your own pace. We also follow the feeding and sleeping routine your baby has at home as closely as possible, because no one understands your little one quite like you.

Each child is assigned a Key Person who will be especially dedicated to their wellbeing throughout the day. Rooms provide a variety of functions from hosting sensory toys that inspire your baby’s curiosity, stacking and sorting activities that encourage muscle and brain development and practitioner-led music-making sessions. When your little one has finished investigating, they can rest up in our cosy baby sleeping areas. Most nurseries also feature beautiful baby gardens, with small structures like up-and-over ramps, soft building blocks and ramps to encourage muscle strength. Our gardens give your little one a safe place to enjoy the fresh air and make new discoveries.

We cater for a variety of dietary requirements, supporting your little one through formula or breastmilk feeds and weaning. Nutritious food is freshly prepared every day and preparation is specific to your baby’s stage of weaning. Alongside food, unlimited nappies and wipes are included, keeping your baby clean and dry.

With so much to learn every day, tracking that progress is as important to us as it is to you. Every child has a Learning Journey that is kept up-to-date with their milestones, achievements, new skills and lessons. This allows you to look back on how far your baby has come and helps us to plan new opportunities for learning.

We are excited to be part of your baby’s learning journey and look forward to meeting you and your little one soon.

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