Terms & Conditions: Four Free Days Offer

Employees of Bright Horizons Work+Family Space clients have access to the following offers when registering a child at a Bright Horizons nursery:

  • Waived registration fee
  • Priority on waiting lists (if applicable)
  • 4 days of free childcare in their child’s first year at the nursery

These offers apply to children registering at Bright Horizons nurseries open to the public. Bright Horizons nurseries operated on behalf of an employer (unless these offers are part of the approved employer offering), holiday clubs and out of school clubs are excluded from these offers.

You must meet the following conditions to be eligible for these offers:

  • You are employed by a client of Bright Horizons Family Solutions Limited or My Family Care Limited ("Eligible Employee").
  • You are the parent or legal guardian of the child who will be attending the nursery
  • You provide proof of identity and your employment.

To qualify for the child’s registration fee being waived:

  • The child must not be enrolled in a Bright Horizons nursery at the time you apply for this offer. In other words, the child must be a new enrolee to Bright Horizons.
  • You must advise Bright Horizons' contact centre or the nursery that you wish to apply this offer when registering your child.

To qualify for the 4 free days offer:

  • You must advise Bright Horizons' contact centre or the nursery that you wish to apply for the 4 free days offer (i) when registering your child, or (ii) any time before your child has attended the Bright Horizons’ nursery for 3 months.
  • You must not have previously benefited from this offer at a different Bright Horizons nursery.

If you meet all the applicable conditions above, Bright Horizons will, as appropriate, give priority on a waiting list, waive the child's registration fee, and / or provide 4 free days of childcare in accordance with the conditions below.

4 free days:

  • The 4 free days must be taken after the child has attended the nursery for 3 months and before the first anniversary of the child’s start date at the nursery (that being the “Offer Period”) and you must remain an Eligible Employee during the Offer Period.
  • Where a child attends the nursery on a full-time basis, the offer will be applied by applying a 4 day refund to the family’s account at the end of the child’s first 3 months attendance at the nursery.
  • Where a child attends the nursery on a part-time basis during the Offer Period the 4 free days are offered subject to availability on days outside the child’s usual booking pattern. The child’s usual booking pattern will not be amended. In the event the child’s booking pattern changes from part-time to full time during the Offer Period, the unused balance of the 4 free days will be refunded to the family’s account after the child starts attending full time. By way of example only if after 6 months the child becomes full-time and 2 free days have not been used, those 2 days will then be credited to the family’s account.

Priority on waiting lists means that if there is a waiting list at your chosen Bright Horizons’ nursery your child will be placed on the list above children already on the waiting list and whose parents do not also have the benefit of a priority on waiting list offer.

These offers are not transferable. You cannot pass any of them on to friends and / or family.

Nursery places are subject to availability and this offer cannot be back dated or extended for any reason. 

There is no cash alternative to any offer.

The three offers described cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Bright Horizons reserves the right to withdraw, amend or replace this offer at any time with not less than one month’s notice.