Rewarding Your Loyalty - Terms and Conditions

Current Families on a Full-time booking pattern

  • This promotion is applicable to the nursery childcare fees of children who are currently (being 30th November 2020) attending at a Bright Horizons nursery (“Nursery”) on a full-time booking pattern. This promotion is not available for children of Bright Horizons’ employees, other children whose Nursery is provided or childcare fees are paid (in whole or part) by a parent or guardian’s employer or children whose Nursery childcare fees are paid in full by a Local Authority.
  • This promotion will not apply to the Nursery childcare fees of (i) new starter families (i.e. those children who start attending Nursery after 30th November 2020) or (ii) children who attend Nursery on a part-time booking pattern; if you are a new starter family or your child attends on a part-time basis, please contact your Nursery Manager to obtain details of available offers.
  • Where a child attends Nursery on a full-time basis in January and February 2021, a 10% discount will be applied to the Nursery childcare fees for that child’s standard booking pattern for January 2021 and February 2021, provided (i) the child’s standard booking pattern is not decreased for these months and/or (ii) notice to terminate the Parent Agreement is not served in this period (whether by you or by us).
  • The discount is only applicable to the Nursery childcare fees for the child’s standard full-time booking pattern and not for any additional sessions/hours booked or other fee payable under the Parent Agreement.
  • Bright Horizons reserves the right to hold void, cancel, suspend, or amend this promotion where it becomes necessary to do so. There is no cash alternative and this promotion does not constitute a variation to the Parent Agreement.