Refer a Friend Discretionary Bonus Referral Scheme

Terms and Conditions


At Bright Horizons we are proud to be delivering and supporting the delivery of high quality care and education to the children entrusted to our care. The Refer a Friend bonus is discretionary and does not form part of any employee’s contractual terms of employment. Bright Horizons reserves the right to amend this policy at any time at its sole discretion.

Who Does This Policy Apply To?

This policy applies to all employees of Bright Horizons.

What Definitions Are Important?

“Refer a Friend”
Is a discretionary bonus which any Bright Horizons’ employees can obtain through the Refer a Friend scheme if they refer a friend or family member and they are successful in obtaining employment with Bright Horizons and all requirements of this Policy are met.

What Must You Do Under the Policy?

Line Managers must:
  •  Have a system in place that ensures (a) this policy is implemented in the setting and (b) staff are aware of the requirements under this policy.
Failure to follow this policy may result in disciplinary action as set out in the Disciplinary Policy and Procedure.

How to Refer

  •  To obtain a Refer a Friend bonus, tell your friend or family member who is interested in working for Bright Horizons about the scheme and ask them to search on-line for one of our vacancies at
  •  When they have found a vacancy that they are interested in they will need to apply on-line and ensure that they name you, (first name and surname) as having referred them, in the ‘Referred By’ section of their Application. If you are not named in the ‘Referred By’ section we cannot accept the referral and you will not receive a Refer a Friend bonus.
  •  Once your referral has been offered and accepted a role and they have completed 3 month’s continuous service at Bright Horizons, we will review the referral in accordance with the requirements under this Policy. There is no requirement for you to inform us of the referral. Please note, if there are any queries around the referral, payment will be delayed until all necessary information has been obtained.
  •  There is no cap on the number of referrals you can make, so please feel free to encourage all your friends and family to work with us and inform them of the Refer a Friend requirements.


  • The Refer a Friend bonus is available to any Bright Horizons’ employee, regardless of their department or role.
  • You must be a current employee of Bright Horizons both at the time of your family member or friend naming you in the ‘Referred By’ section of their application and the Refer a Friend bonus becoming payable (being the date of your referral’s three month work anniversary).


  • If your referral has been referred to Bright Horizons by more than one Bright Horizons’ employee, only the employee named in the Refer a Friend section of their application will receive the Refer a Friend bonus. If more than one Bright Horizons’ employee has been named in the ‘Referred By’ section of the application, the employee listed first by first name and surname will be considered as the referring employee for the purposes of payment of the Refer a Friend bonus.
  • You will normally receive your Refer a Friend bonus in your salary in line with the payroll cut-off dates (10th of each month), depending on when your referral completes three month’s service and whether any further information or clarification is required.
  • Breakdown of Refer a Friend bonus payments:
    • £50 – Bank Staff;
    • £250 - Nursery Assistant, Nursery Administrator, Kitchen Assistant, Lunch Cover, Housekeeper;
    • £500 – Chef, Support Staff;
    • £750 – Nursery Nurse, Room Leaders, Early Years Teacher, Third in Charge, Deputy Manager,
    • Nursery Manager, Quality Development Manager, Regional Director

Not Eligible for Payment

  • Verbal referrals are not permitted (a referee’s first name and surname must be stated on the referred candidate’s online application form).
  • We will not issue Refer a Friend bonuses for referrals that have been secured through recruitment drives, including but not limited to recruitment events at nurseries. Employees who encourage candidates attending a recruitment event to include their details in the “Referred By” section of their application are likely to be subject to disciplinary action under the Disciplinary policy and procedure.
  • The Refer a Friend bonus is not payable:
    •  to any Bright Horizons employee who has been involved in any way with the recruitment or selection process for the referred candidate, including interview support roles, such as note taking;
    •  for the introduction of contractors or agency staff (i.e. non-Bright Horizons’ employees); and
    •  for the introduction of any referred candidate who is currently, or has previously been engaged in any capacity, by Bright Horizons in the 12 months immediately preceding the date of the referral, (for example, former staff who are re-employed or employees who are changing roles) or for any referred candidate who made an application to be engaged in any capacity, by Bright Horizons, in the 12 months immediately preceding the referral.

In the event of a dispute, any decision to make a payment of the Refer a Friend bonus in accordance with the terms of this Policy shall be made by HR.

Any attempts to claim a Refer a Friend bonus when the requirements of the Policy, as above have not been met may be subject to investigation under the Disciplinary Policy.