Complaints Policy

At Bright Horizons Family Solutions Limited (BH), we are a learning organisation and work in partnership to make a difference in the daily lives of our families and clients, who count on us.

We care about what you think and are receptive to all comments from those who have contact with BH. We will respond promptly and in accordance with our HEART principles when informed of any concerns. We aim to deliver the highest levels of service for our children and families, and clients and should anyone wish to raise any issues with us directly or register a complaint, the following procedure will apply:

If you are a nursery family and wish to raise a complaint or concern, then please speak to the Nursery Manager.

  • The Nursery Manager will respond to any complaint as quickly as possible and will ensure an acknowledgement is sent to you within one business day. Complaints received via letter or email will receive a written response within 28 days.
  • Complaints will be recorded in the nursery complaints folder which will include the name, nature, date, and time and a copy will be shared with Bright Horizons’ Central Support team.
  • The Nursery Manager will work to ensure the complaint is resolved quickly and communicate promptly with you. The resolution will be noted in the nursery complaints folder.

Alternatively, parents, colleagues or external agencies who do not wish to speak to the Nursery Manager about their concern should contact the complaints team by email

  • The team will respond to any complaint as quickly as possible and will ensure an acknowledgement is sent within one business day.
  • he team will record the Complaint at central support office, which will include the name, nature, date, and time.
  • ollowing the investigation, the written response will be shared with the complainant, within 28 days, and noted in the complaints folder.

We ensure as part of the process we take account of any lessons learnt and communicate them to colleagues and the complainant. We make sure that any necessary ongoing action or training is carried out within a reasonable time frame.

Alternatively, parents/carers may choose to make a complaint to the Regulator and therefore we always display these details on the parent notice board. The contact details are as follows:

Regulator details


Ofsted: Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD

Tel: 0300 123 1231



Care Inspectorate: Compass House, 11 Riverside Drive Dundee DD1 4NY.

Tel: 0345 600 9527