Talking to Children About Tragedy

What Happened?

Below are resources for families and staff who are working to help children cope with these acts of unimaginable terror. We hope these resources provide a guide to help children make sense of the world around them and for healing to begin.

Click here to download What Happened to the World? a guide to helping children cope in turbulent times including terrorism and war. This guide was written by Jim Greenman, Senior Vice President of Education and Programme Development for Bright Horizons Family Solutions, following the tragic events of September 11.

Once again, the threat of terror that could strike anyone is in the headlines. What do our children think and feel when they hear that a plane could be blown out of the sky, perhaps one that someone they know and love might be on? What do we tell children about the world that they live in?

The guide provides advice and resources to help children manage grief and fear.


Click the links below to download Daisy’s Dream resources, guides written to help families support children following the death of someone they love. The information has been written by professionally qualified Family Workers.