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Parenting & Eldercare in the Digital Age

Whether you consider yourself tech-savvy or tech-weary we’re looking at how our devices enrich and enable us. In our parenting and caring commitments, how can we harness the full potential of what’s available? We’ll explore practical strategies for using tech to our advantage in our family relationships and interaction with loved ones.

Love & Work: Balancing Career and Relationships

This session reveals how successful couples pay attention to their relationships alongside demanding professional roles and wider family commitments. Whether you’re a male-female couple, a same sex partnership, a blended family, a separated couple, or an established pair about to be rocked by an older dependent parent moving in, there are roles to carve out and assumptions to address. We’ll introduce you to coaching frameworks, practical tips and expert advice.

In Conversation: Returning to Work

Spend this 45 minutes with us planning your comeback. After a period of lengthy leave from work, confidence can dip, career vision and values may have shifted and there will be times when you wonder if it’s all possible. Planning important conversations with significant people at work and at home is an important step. You can re-establish strong connections that will help you combine career and family. You may well also need to build some new connections. This session will explore how we identify our key stakeholders and nurture our connections.

A Parent’s Guide To Being The Real You In The Workplace

As a working parent there is often a lot to deal with. Not only are we constantly thinking about work, we are also thinking about our family responsibilities. Flexible working and less visibility than others, may put pressure on how we think we are seen in the workplace and in turn can have an impact on our self-esteem.

Our hour long session will cover:

  • I am OK as I am, self-acceptance and healthy thinking
  • What does healthy esteem look like?
  • What dictates our esteem?
  • Managing guilt
  • What fuels low self esteem
  • Opportunity for a Q & A with our expert Rebecca

Our expert is Rebecca Louise Galustian. Rebecca has fifteen year’s experience working as an individual and group therapist within a range of settings including the private sector in a psychiatric hospital in Central London, The NHS, forensic services, addiction recovery programmes and within schools with adolescents. 

Work Life Balance Panel

Where we will be hosting a panel to discuss the hot topic that is work life balance. 

Our hour long interactive session will include:

  • Hearing from a variety of industry professional who aren't just talking the talk, but walking the work life balance walk
  • The opportunity to hear from people in a similar position as you

We would like this to be an interactive session, so there will be the opportunity to ask questions to our panel throughout the hour live session.

Our panel is made up of;

Rick Martin; PageGroup - UK Head of Content

Rick has four children in a blended family.

Carly Hall; Health and Safety Strategic Manager at Linklaters.

Carly has two children, works 4 days a week including one flex day.

Rebecca Fuller; former co-chair of East Sussex Dementia Alliance.

Carer for her own mum for twelve years whilst working full time.

Lorraine Thomas

Lorraine is Chief Executive of The Parent Coaching Academy, International Speaker on many topics including work life integration and Author.

It's Ok Not To Be Ok

Shining the spotlight on Mental Health. Our key objectives for our hour long session are:

  • Talking you through how to build your personal resilience and protect yourself against mental fatigue
  • Offering practical 'mindset' tools to improve your wellbeing and reduce stress
  • Showing you how to recognise poor emotional wellbeing in others and tips to open up the conversation
  • Opportunity for a Q & A with David, our expert speaker 

Our expert speaker is David Beeney, a qualified Mental Health Counsellor affiliated to the BCAP and a trustee for Mind. David shares his personal story of resilience and how he suffered in silence with anxiety and panic attacks for over thirty years during this session. David will also look at the dangers to your wellbeing of not being honest to yourself and others about how you are really feeling emotionally. He will talk about the importance of discovering self-compassion to manage stress levels and build resilience as well as how it really is okay to share your vulnerability and the positive impact on self and others. It really is okay not to be okay. David enjoyed a successful career in newspapers and magazines for over 30 years prior to this career change.