Your Child’s Day

Drop off and breakfast

Morning starts with the hustle and bustle of arrivals, with breakfast being offered to the early birds. Our nursery teams are experienced in settling children into nursery so drop off is a crucial time for you to update us on whether your child has slept or whether they have woken up upset for any reason.


Because our nursery teams will get to know your child well, they will encourage them to join in or select an activity or area of play that they particularly enjoy.

Lunch time

Lunch is generally around 11:30am. We place great importance in eating in ‘family’ groupings, talking about our meal, and making it a relaxing and enjoyable time for everyone. Our nursery teams eat with the children where possible, and we aim to ensure your child enjoys a wide range of healthy meals.

Sleep time (shhh)

Younger babies will probably need a number of sleeps during the day, and as they get older this will reduce to one sleep, usually after lunch. We will always endeavour to enable your child to sleep when they want to, and will also work with you to establish a routine that suits their specific needs.


Throughout the afternoon your child will enjoy a range of activities designed to enable them to play and explore, discover and grow, learn and understand. Every activity will be tailored to their liking and they will be encouraged to build their confidence and understanding though praise, recognition and support.

Tea time

At about 3:30pm the children sit down to tea, although a little lighter than lunch, this meal still consists of a main course and a pudding.

Home time

When you arrive to take your child home, our nursery teams will be available to share any information about their day, pass on any important messages and to chat with you about what they are learning and how they are developing.