5 Books About Kindness

ABC's of kindness2. ABCs of Kindness by Samantha Berger and Ekaterina Trukhan, 2020

Published by Highlights for Children
Age 2-5

From A for ‘a single ACT of kindness’ to Z for the ‘ZILLION acts of kindness you can do every day’ this brilliant alphabet book is packed with ideas and examples of how you can spread a little kindness. In a sturdy board book format with bright illustrations it’s the perfect introduction to kindness for the youngest of readers.

The Kiss Book3. The Kiss by Linda Sunderland and Jessica Courtney-Tickle, 2019

Published by Little Tiger
Age 3-6 years

The Kiss is an enchanting story which feels like a classic fairytale - complete with magic, a greedy villain and a wise moral about kindness. When Grandma leaves Edwyn’s house he blows her a kiss, which gives warmth and happiness to everyone she meets. But when a rich man hears about the kiss and steals it for himself, it begins to fade away. Only true kindness will be able to restore its powers...

The Invisable4. The Invisible by Tom Percival, 2020

Published by Simon and Schuster
Ages 3+

One of the most talked about picture books of the year so far, The Invisible is a beautiful example of what kindness can achieve. When Isabel and her family have to move to the other side of the city because they can no longer afford to pay their bills, Isabel begins to feel invisible. As she fades away Isabel notices other invisible people too and she decides to help them. Gradually her small acts of kindness lead to something big…

Mine Bare and Hare5. Bear and Hare: Mine! By Emily Gravett, 2016

Published by Macmillan
Ages 2-5 years

In this laugh-out-loud story, Bear and Hare are going for a walk. Each time they find something exciting Bear asks if they can share it, but Hare replies with, ‘Mine!’. Eventually Bear has had enough and he leaves. But when Hare then comes across a beehive, he gets into a rather sticky situation. Will Bear return to help and will Hare realise that it’s better to be kind after all?

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