5 Books about Key Life Skills

Journalist, children’s book reviewer and Bright Horizons parent, Caroline, shares with us five fantastic books that can help our little ones get to grips with some of their first life skills...

From potty training to getting dressed, there are lots of key skills that our little ones learn at a very young age. But help is at hand thanks to some brilliant books which can help introduce the skills to children and encourage them to have a go themselves.

Pip and Posy Little Puddle Duck

  1. Pip & Posy: The Little Puddle by Axel Scheffler
    Published by Nosy Crow, 2011 (new edition 2021)
    Age 1-3 years

    It’s a rainy day and Pip and Posy are playing at Posy’s house. They’re having such a great time that Pip forgets he needs the toilet and he has an accident on the floor. Posy reassures Pip and lends him some clothes, and later that day Pip goes to the toilet on the potty all by himself. A gentle, confidence-building story for children who are learning to use a potty.

    Which food will you chose book

  2. Which Food Will You Choose?
    By Claire Potter and Ailie BusbyPublished by Featherstone, 2021

    Age 2-8 years.

    Mum is bored of cooking beige foods so she decides to take the kids to the supermarket and play a game. She challenges them to pick three red foods, which they then take home and have fun eating and cooking with. The next day is yellow foods, then green, orange, and so on. With whole pages dedicated to foods in each colour, this is a fantastic way to get children (and grown-ups!) energised to try something new.

    We can get dressed book

  3. We Can Get Dressed: Putting On My Clothes
    Published by Campbell Books, 2019
    Age 2-5 years

    Part of Campbell’s Big Steps series which explores different life skills, this great little book introduces the idea of getting dressed on your own. We follow Mo and Millie as they go about their day and get changed into various outfits with support from their Daddy. With innovative sliders for children to move, and tips for grown-ups running along the bottom of each page, this is a super engaging and useful little book.

    Why should I brush my teeth book

  4. Why Should I Brush My Teeth? By Katie Daynes and Mata Alvarez Miguens
    Published by Usborne Books, 2020
    Age 3-5 years

    With lots of flaps to lift, easy to understand text, and bright, friendly illustrations, this brilliant board book covers why, when and how to brush your teeth. We see a child going to the dentist, which is a great conversation opener if you have a visit coming up, and there’s also a page on animals and how they clean their teeth too.


    Time to tidy up book

  5. Time To Tidy Up by Penny Tassoni and Mel Four
    Published by Featherstone, 2019

    Age 0-4 years

Written by Early Years Consultant, Penny Tassoni, this is a cheerful guide to tidying up - looking at why it’s good to tidy, where to put things, and even how to keep going when you get fed-up of tidying! With bright illustrations and question prompts, it’s a great way to help spark interest in tidying, and there are also some useful tips for parents at the end.

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