Beef and Red Pepper Pasta


500g Minced Beef

1tbsp Vegetable Oil

150g Onions

2 cloves Fresh Garlic

450g Red Peppers

400g Chopped Tomatoes

200ml Water

Black Pepper

400g Whole Wheat Fusilli


1. Prepare vegetables, chop the onion finely, crush garlic gloves and chop peppers.

2. Dry fry beef then remove from pan once brown.

3. Drain any excess fat off the meat and brown onion, garlic and peppers.

4. Add tomatoes, water and beef bring to boil.

5. Season to taste if required.

6. Simmer until the beef is tender.

7. Cook pasta in boiling water according to manufacturer’s instructions.

8. Drain the pasta and serve with cooked beef and sauce.