Autumn Webinar:

Top Tips for Choosing a Nursery

Choosing a nursery that’s perfect for you and your family is one of the biggest decisions a parent can make in the early years - and it comes around much quicker than you’d expect!

At Bright Horizons, we like to offer as much support and knowledge as we can, arming parents with the information they need to start their search.

If you’d like some extra guidance on Early Years education and development or would like to understand what you should be looking for when considering your childcare options, this webinar is especially for you!

In this 30-minute session, Early Years Specialist, Ann Stubbs will be talking about the Bright Horizons curriculum, along with advice and suggested ‘learning from home’ activities.

We’ll also be joined by one of our fantastic nursery managers who’ll share exactly what you can expect from a personal tour at a Bright Horizons nursery. Plus, we’ll offer answers to our most frequently asked questions to support you in your all-important nursery search!