Going To The Zoo

Let your childs imagination run wild with this fun and creative activity! This active game encourages your child to move their body in a variety of ways to replicate some of their favourite safari animals.

You Will Need:

  • A large space inside or outside with no obstructions
  • A pair of binoculars (optional)

Doing The Activity:

In the open space, make some space between you and your child, hold up the binoculars and call out "Looking through my binoculars I can see..." and name one of the animals below. Then ask your child if they can move like the animal:

  • Elephant - Swing one arm and stomp your feet.
  • Giraffe - Walk tall on your tip toes with your hands reaching up high.
  • Tiger - Taking long strides and arm reaching out in front of them with hands looking like claws.
  • Penguin - Waddle with feet together and arms by your side.
  • Kangaroo - Jump up and down around the room.
  • Snake - Lie on the floor and wriggle.
  • Monkey - Hop from one leg to another while tickling your ribs.

How this supports physical and mental development:

  • Supporting the development of gross and fine motor movements.
  • Boosting spatial perception by using prepositions forward, backwards and straight ahead in verbal cues.

Top Tip

Why not introduce positional language to support children's mathematical awareness such as "I can see a kangaroo jumping two times forward".

Extend The Activity

Using your binoculars why not try to see what animals you can find looking around the garden or trees around your house grounds. This will continue to build their love of nature and the outdoors.

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