Threading With Pipe Cleaners

A great activity using everyday objects to develop hand eye co-ordination skills which can be done independently or together.

You Will Need

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Threading items such as: Straws, beads, buttons, pasta and even Cheerios!

Doing The Activity

Cut up plastic straws into short lengths for threading on to the pipe cleaners. Fold the end of the pipe cleaner over the first straw to keep it secure.

Thread with your child and create 'worms', 'snakes' and bracelets.

Add variation by using beads, buttons, pasta, Cheerios or your kitchen colander.

Create repeating patterns such as; Red straw, yellow bead, red straw, yellow button for your child to copy. Ask your child to create patterns for you to copy.

How this develops early writing skills:

  • Threading helps to develop your child's fine motor and manual dexterity skills needed to hold and manipulate a pencil for writing.
  • Copying and creating patterns helps your child to develop their ability to organise, plan, and carry out a task in the correct sequence from beginning to end. These motor planning and execution skills are important from writing.

Top Tip

- Most shops and supermarkets with a stationary section sell pipe cleaners. The longer ones are the best!

Plan Your Pattern:

Why not plan the pattern you are going to make by drawing the extras onto the 'thread'.

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