Super Strong Bubbles

You will need:

• 1 part washing up liquid

• 8 parts water

• 1 part glycerine (available from the baking section of most supermarkets)

• Bubble wand

Making the activity:

These bubbles are really easy and simple to make just follow these easy steps:

• Mix together the washing up liquid, water and glycerine in a bowl.

• Use the bubble wand to create bubbles by blowing or moving through the air.

To make this activity even better use the bubble mixture in the outdoors as the glycerine in the mixture makes the bubbles sticky and they will last for longer. Also use this method to refill bubble bottles.

How this supports knowledge and development:

What is a bubble? - A bubble is air wrapped in soap film where the soap film is made from the washing up liquid, water and glycerine.

The bubble film has three layers and is made up like a sandwich.

• A layer of soap molecules

• A thin layer of air

• A layer of soap molecules.
The layers work together to keep the air inside so that the bubble doesn't pop!

WHY DO BUBBLES POP? - Unless bubbles are popped by a sharp object, they naturally pop when the water between the soap layers evaporates. However, when it is cold outside the bubbles take longer to pop as the air molecules take longer to leave. The colder it is outside the higher the bubble may fly. This is because the warm air you blow into a bubble is lighter than cold air

Why not try to create bubbles using different equipment such as a straw or even a tennis racket?

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