9 Nature Activities

Connect with nature by trying these activities in your garden or on a walk. They are suitable for all ages and don’t require any special equipment – just what you can find while you’re out and about! We’d love to see you giving these activities a go - share a photo with us on our Facebook page!

9 Nature Activities

1. Sensory Scavenger Hunt

We mostly use our eyes to explore new places – try being more like an animal and use your other senses too! What can you HEAR? Can you find something that SMELLS interesting or something that FEELS tickly? 

2. Nature Alphabet 

Collect stones, leaves and twigs (don’t pull any off the trees, look for ones that have fallen onto the ground). Place them on the floor and make letters from the alphabet. Can you spell out your name?

3. Animal Moves

Animals move in different ways to us. Can you try flap your wings like a bird, jump like a frog or stand on one leg like a heron? What other animals can you copy? Take it in turns to guess the animal by your movements.

4. Footprints in the Mud 9 Nature Activities

Can you find any footprints on the ground? Who do they belong to? You’re most likely to find a shoe or dog print, but if you’re lucky you might see a deer or badger print. Can you make your own footprints?

5. Nature Sounds

Find somewhere to sit, close your eyes and listen. What sounds can you hear? Is the wind rustling the leaves on the trees, are the insects humming, can you hear the birds singing? You are listening to the sounds of nature.

6. Stone Sculpture 

Collect several stones of different shapes and sizes. Starting with the largest, can you stack the stones on top of each other to make a tower? How many can you add before it falls?

7. Nature Memory Game

You’ll need a friend or two to play this game. Gather different natural materials, such as a stick, leaf, feather, stones etc. Lay them out in front of you and try to memorise what you can see. Then, close your eyes while one person takes an item away and hides it. When you open your eyes, can you spot which item is missing? Take it in turns to be the person who hides and item. Try taking more than one item away at a time.

8. Pooh Sticks

This is a game for two or more players, and you need to be by a bridge with flowing water. Find a stick and make sure you can tell it apart from the other players. Stand on the side of the bridge where the water is flowing towards you. On the count of three, drop your sticks in the water and move to the other side of the bridge. The first stick to appear is the winner!

9. Nature Noughts and Crosses

9 Nature Activities9 Nature Activities

This is a game for two players. Find four sticks, five stones and five leaves. Make a grid with your sticks. Choose who will lay stones and who will lay leaves. Take it in turns to lay your stone or leaf and the first to get three in a row is the winner! 

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