Story Bags

Recreate exciting stories using different resources in this homemade story bag.

You Will Need:

After finding a large cloth bag, include any of the following materials, as appropriate for the needs and abilities of your little one.

  • A copy of the story book
  • A digital version of the story
  • Models of characters and objects from the story
  • Activities or games relating to the story
  • Paper and crayons

Doing The Activity

Be as creative as you like when creating the story bag and involve your little one as much as you can. Design the cloth bag into a story bag by painting the title on the outside or drawing a picture of the story.

Make sure there is a copy of the book in the story bag so that your little one can use this independently as well as with friends and family. Read the story with your little one and discuss all the key areas, including the characters, the ending and what each character is doing in the book.

An interactive storyboard can be created using the book that you have chosen. Ask your little one to draw images relating to the story. Use these pictures to retell and change the storyline around and talk about what would be different if the sequence was in a different order.

Discussion Suggestions

  • Talk about the story and children’s favourite bits.
  • Ask children questions about the characters and the plot.
  • Retell the story using the models.
  • Find out more about the people and places in the story by looking at the non-fiction books.
  • Draw a story map of the plot to help with retelling the story.

Top Tip

Use a popular story book like We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Three Little Pigs or Handa’s Surprise so that your little one is aware of the story and then discuss with them the activities that you could include.

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