Letter Charades

Use a popular family game as a way to develop knowledge of new vocabulary with your little one.

How this supports knowledge and development

Generating an interest in words and how they work can encourage a love of language in children. Reading to and with children is extremely important to the development of vocabulary. By mixing the two together you are increasing their ability to develop their knowledge and skills in early literacy learning. Charades is a game that the whole family can play and by introducing it at a young age will enable children to become aware of the language that is used during communication with other people.

Try and introduce some new vocabulary to your little one so that they are having exposure to new words and phrases. This game can be a great way in which you can do this – also why not adapt this activity to include pictures of what they are acting out.

You Will Need:

  • Paper or Card
  • Scissors
  • Felt tip pen or Pencil

Doing the Activity:

  • Cut the paper or card into smaller cards (size of a playing card).
  • Write on the cards different action words beginning with the same letter for example: B, bang, bounce, balance, bound, brisk, bustle.
  • Taking it in turns, pick a card and act out that word to the other person. Continue to take turns until all the cards have been used.

Why not make some more cards using a different letter or theme for the words?

Top Tip

Use words that are relevant to the stage of development of your little one. Why not try using animal names or food names and get them to act it out for you to guess what they are reading.

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