Putting the Fun in Housekeeping

There are so many ways to spark children’s interest and learning, and it can happen during all parts of your day!

Here are some ways to engage your child in housekeeping while keeping it fun and allowing for casual learning.

These suggestions will provide a start and can lead in many directions based on your child’s interests. Involving your child in caring for the home is a great way to teach them responsibility, build their confidence, and strengthen their life skills.

Tidy up to music. Select a favourite song as your tidying up tune. When it starts, everyone knows what to do!

Race against the clock. Set a timer. Challenge your child to pick up items in one room or complete a task on your tidying up list before time runs out.

Make picking tasks fun. Assign each job a number and then roll dice or pick from a stack of cards to unveil what each person will do.

Turn tidying up into a sport. Tape a shape on the floor for your child to sweep crumbs into or turn a laundry basket into a basketball hoop when sorting laundry.

Set up a scavenger hunt of encouraging notes. Place a note on the pillow for your children to find when they make their bed. Or tape one on the broom handle that they will find when they go to sweep the floor. Look together to see how many your children have gathered by the end of the day.

Create a cleaning kit for your child. Put items such as a cleaning cloth, dust pan and brush and a duster in a bag or basket so each child has their own cleaning kit.

What Is Right for Children?

• Whatever you choose, start small, expect mistakes, and gently guide your child to success.

• Lots of sorting can happen when cleaning up. Have your children sort laundry by colour or family member, match socks, or put away items such as pans in the cupboard.

• Have your children help with meals by setting the table, wiping up, sweeping crumbs, or perhaps helping load the dishwasher or dry plastic items.

• Engage your child in putting away toys and books, making beds, or selecting clothes for the following day.

• Care for living things by feeding a pet or watering a plant.

• When everyone pitches in — whether by sweeping or vacuuming, dusting, cleaning windows or folding towels — it makes the day a little easier for all.