'The Fighting Temeraire' - J.M.W Turner

Joseph Mallord William Turner is one of Britains most important artists. 

About the artist:

He gradually moved away from a realistic style of painting to just making a suggestion of the objects in his paintings; this style became known as "impressionism".

He went to the coast to paint the sea, the weather and boats. He lived over 200 years ago and during that time most of the boats could only move in the water by putting up their sails so the wind could blow them along.

Towards the end of his life steam power was being used to drive boats and trains, but cars had not yet made an appearance.


• Where would the sails have been on the sailing boats?

• What would the sales have looked like when the wind was in them?

• (In the below picture) What is coming out of the chimney of the boat in front?

• What do you think powers this boat?

• Can you see how he has painted the reflection of the boats in the water?

• What time of day do you think it is? and why?

• What does the sky look like? 

DID YOU KNOW - Turner was not just a painter. He was a keen traveller and also found time to be a poet and a teacher

Design your ship: After seeing how J.M.W Turner created his ships in his paintings, design your own boat.