Jackson Pollock Activity

Jackson Pollock was an American artist who experimented with pouring, dripping and splashing paint as he preferred to see the effects he got without putting tool to paper.

You will need:

• Paper

• A selection of different coloured paints

• An apron

Doing the activity:

Have a go at layering paint together.

Use your selection of paint to layer them in various orders.

You may choose to do your own version to help your child compare and see the different effects.

You will need to wait for the paint to dry at each layer.

Once you've finished painting, compare how they look.


• This painting below is called 'Out of the Web', why do you think that is?

• How do you think he has made this painting?

• Each colour is a layer - can you tell me what a layer is?

• How many layers do you think there are?

• If you were going to do a painting like this what colours would you use?

DID YOU KNOW - Jackson Pollock stopped naming his pictures and gave them numbers instead because he didn't want people to look for a subject matter or a meaning in his art.