Growing Sunflowers

Be amazed by how a small seed can grow into a big flower with this growing sunflowers activity. 

You will need:

 Sunflower Seeds

• Plastic cup • Soil

• Spray bottle

• Bin to hold soil

• Small trowel to transfer soil to cup

Making the activity:

• Scoop the soil into the plastic cup to make it half full.

• Poke two holes in the top and place a sunflower seed in each.

• Gently cover the two holes with the seeds in with more of the soil.

• Using the water from the spray bottle cover the top of the soil with water.

• Place the cup on an indoor window sill and keep watering so they will grow.

• Your sunflower should start to grow within 1-2 weeks of being planted.

• Once your sunflower is too big for the cup – you could transfer to an outdoor plant pot. 

How this supports knowledge and development:

Getting out and about in the garden is a really fun way of helping your child to learn more about the world around them.

Growing and tending to plants and flowers or even just examining leaves and soil helps your little one start to understand about life cycles and where food comes from.

Planting in the garden is a great way to stimulate your child’s senses of touch, sight, sound, taste and smell – soft flowers, bushes and plants that rustle, strong smells and bright colours all help to enrich your child’s experience of gardening. 

DID YOU KNOW - There are many different varieties of sunflower seed that you could use? Why not plant a variety of different seeds and then look at the differences in each once they have grown. Make sure you label each pot so you know which variety is in which cup. 

Growing Sunflowers Vocabulary

TOP TIP - Wrap the top of the cup with cling film and place in front of a window. This will keep the soil moist and warm and will make the sunflowers grow even quicker. Don’t forget to keep giving water to your sunflower seed so that they do not go thirsty. This will enable them to grow as big as they possibly can.