Growing Pea Shoots

An exciting activity where children can watch and learn about how things grow. 

You will need:

• A packet of dried peas

• A plastic tub

• Compost

• Water

Making the activity:

First of all you will need to work out how many peas you need by placing the dried peas into the empty tub, make sure the peas are densely packed in one layer only.

1. Begin by emptying the peas into a small bowl of water to soak overnight. This is an important step so please don’t miss this bit out.

2. The next day drain the peas and line the plastic tub with a layer of compost about one centimetre deep.

3. Add the peas and place on a sunny window ledge. It should only take about five or six days to get to a good height, ready for eating.

4. If the compost is feeling a bit dry to touch, then give it a little drink of water.

How this supports knowledge and development:

The pleasure of seeing dried peas transform into green shoots over a few days is a great way to start a love of gardening. Being able to grow food you can eat helps children develop an understanding of ‘seed to plate’ and the importance of water and light for healthy plant growth as well as introducing and maintaining a healthy diet. As you harvest the pea shoots look at the roots that have formed. Talk about these roots being like straws that the plant uses to suck up the water. Compare how they drink water with how a plant drinks water. 

Gowing Pea Shoots vocabulary


EXTEND THE ACTIVITY - Once your pea shoots have grown you can then harvest them and use them as part of a tasty filling in your sandwiches (see Pitta Pockets activity). Then why not share with your friends and family what you have grown.