Making Pitta Pockets

A fun and exciting activity in which children can experience how something that they have grown can then be eaten. 

You will need:

• Pitta Bread

• Variety of fillings such as grated cheese, tuna fish, boiled eggs, hummus etc.

• Your harvested pea shoots

• A knife to cut open the

Making the activity:

1. Wash your hands and put on an apron before preparing food.

2. Using the knife gently cut open the pitta to make a pocket for your yummy fillings.

3. Talk to your little one about what fillings they would like to use using key questions like; what is your favourite filling and why? Or what ingredients do you think would work /taste nice together?

4. Once you have decided on a filling, put it inside your pitta pocket and then add your home grown pea shoots.

5. Share and enjoy your pitta pockets with your friends and family.

How this supports knowledge and development:

Being able to grow food you can eat helps children develop an understanding of ‘seed to plate’ and the importance of water and light for healthy plant growth. It also enables children to understand where food originates and growing, preparing, and eating fruits and vegetables, from their own gardening efforts, can help children develop lifelong healthy eating habits. Don’t forget to encourage your little one to talk about where the pea shoots have come from and how they have grown then themselves and why not then extend this to find out where other ingredients originate from.

Making Pitta Bread Vocabulary

TOP TIP - Why not try different fillings in your pitta pockets that you and your little one may not have tried before.