Fruity Coolers

Why not cool down with these easy to make fruit ice lollies

You will need:

• Ice Lolly moulds

• A Passion Fruit

• An Orange

• Jug

• Knife to cut the fruit

• Lemon Squeezer

• Spoon

• Freezer 

Making the activity:

• Make sure you wash your hands before handling food and wear an apron when preparing.

• Cut the passion fruit in half and using the spoon scoop out the seeds. Put some of the seeds in each of the ice lolly moulds.

• Cut the oranges in half and then using the lemon squeezer, squeeze all the juice out and then pour into the jug.

• Pour in some water and mix to dilute the liquid and form into a juice. Divide and pour the mixture of orange juice and water into each of the ice lolly moulds with the passion fruit seeds.

• Place the ice lolly moulds into the freezer and wait for the fruity ice lollies to form.

• Share with your friends and family and enjoy

How this supports knowledge and development:

As well as supporting children in developing healthy eating habits by making these ice lollies they are also developing in other areas too. Your little one will be able to explore the changing state of turning a liquid into a solid and then back again. Make sure you are asking key questions such as: How quickly do you need to eat the ice lolly before it melts? Why does the ice lolly melt? Why do you think the liquid turned into a solid? Your little one will also become more independent in designing and creating their own recipes using different fruits that they would like to try. Why not try some new ingredients to make these super yummy ice lollies.

Fruity coolers vocabuary

EXTEND THE ACTIVITY - Why not try using different coloured fruits and juices to layer your lollies. Create traffic light lollies or a colour scheme of your choosing. Layer each colour one on top of the other leaving time to freeze inbetween.