Mr Men Games

You will need: 

• An open space with lots of room to move

Doing the activity:

Talk with your little one about the Mr Men characters and see how many you are able to list between you. Once you have listed them, think about how they would move linking to their names for example:

• Mr Slow - Take large slow steps.

• Mr Tall - Stretch up as tall as you can by standing on your tip toes and stretching your arms in the air.

• Mr Small - Crouch down and make yourself as small as you can.

• Mr Jelly - Shake your body as fast as you can – trying to shake every body part. • Mr Muddle - Walk backwards.

• Mr Bounce - Jump up and down on the spot.

• Mr Strong - Move around whilst making different poses like a strong person. Play the game by shouting out different Mr Men characters and ask your little one to act out the movement. Once your little one has done them all, shout them out at a quicker pace and watch your little one move.

How this supports knowledge and development:

Introducing fun physical activities like this one can help children to develop a healthy heart, strengthen bones and muscles while developing a love of taking part in regular physical activity. This also creates opportunities to talk to your child about the benefits of exercise as well as having fun with each other. This activity also introduces spatial awareness as well as beginning to develop their understanding of opposites.

Mr Men Vocabulary

Why not read some of the Mr Men books with your little one and encourage their love of reading or ask them to create their own Mr Men character, thinking about what they would look like, what they would look like and what they would move like. If you find it difficult to invent new ones we have listed some below:

Mr Sneeze               Mr Silly

Mr Nosey                 Mr Funny

Little Miss Hug        Little Miss Scary