Cooling Down Our Bodies

A fun and interesting way to cool down our bodies after exercising as well as highlighting the importance.

You will need:

• An open, quiet space where you will not bump into anything

Doing the activity:

Before starting to warm up take a big deep breath in and out and repeat this twice.

• Reach for the sky – children to stretch one arm up to the sky then stretch the other arm up to the sky.

• Touch your toes – stand with feet apart and slightly bent knees, lean forwards and try to touch your toes.

• Windmills – stretch arms out to the side and circle arms gently forwards and backwards – repeat in larger circles.

• Shoulder roll – roll your shoulders forwards and then backwards – repeat 3 times.

• Roll your ankles – stand on one leg and roll your right ankle in a circle 5 times, then repeat with your left ankle.

To complete the cooling down take a big deep breath in and out and repeat three times. Why not try cooling down using a nursery rhyme such as The Grand Old Duke of York.

WHY WE COOL DOWN - Just as a warm-up prepares your body for exercise, the cool down helps your body return to a state of rest. The cool down relaxes your muscles and lowers your heart rate and breathing from the exercise that you have been doing.

Cooling Down Our Bodies Vocabulary

TOP TIP - Ensure that you take deep breaths to help reduce your heart rate after exercise. A cool down should last between three and ten minutes and include slower, gentle movements and stretching exercises. It is recommended breathing in for 4 seconds and out for 4 seconds to fully complete your cool down regime. Once completed you should be able to feel your heart rate return to normal.