Bean Keep Fit

An exciting activity to introduce the benefits of exercise whilst having fun.

You will need:

 Open space where you can exercise safely

Before you start your exercise, talk about warming up to increase blood flow to our muscles and prepare our bodies for temperature changes. Warming up exercises can include arm circles, squats and stretches. Now you're ready to exercise! 

Doing the activity:

List as many different beans as you can together and practice how these beans would move such as:

• Broad bean - Stand as wide as you can stretching your legs and arms out wide.

• Chilli bean - Clasp your arms around your body and 'shiver'.

• Baked bean - Lie flat on the floor.

• String bean - Make yourself as tall and thin as can be. Arms together and stretch up high. Feet together and stand on your tip toes.

• Runner bean - Run on the spot.

• Jelly bean - Make wobbly movements like jelly.

• Jumping bean - Jump up and down on the spot.

How this supports knowledge and development:

Introducing fun physical activities like this one can help children to develop a healthy heart, strengthen bones and muscles while developing a love of taking part in regular physical activity. This also creates opportunities to talk to your child about the benefits of exercise as well as having fun with each other. 

Bean keep fit vocabulary

EXTEND THE ACTIVITY - Why not grow your own beans with your little one and watch how they grow. You could then use them to make some yummy food to share with your family and friends.