Outdoor Noughts & Crosses

This activity is a fun and engaging way to develop a love and appreciation for Maths and how it shapes our everyday life. It’s also a great way to enhance children’s natural curiosity of nature through play and to experience turn taking, strategic thinking and logical games.

You will need:

• Sticks

• Pebbles

• Pinecones

• Chalks

The activity:

1. Explore outdoors and collect a number of resources

2.Place the sticks in a grid to make the squared structure

3.Discuss having two groups of objects - pebbles and pinecones

4.Talk about needing a partner to play this game 5.Take it in turns to place the objects. Whoever gets their three objects in a row, wins!


• Playing this game outdoors means that it can be done on a larger scale - collect large sticks and stones to make the activity energetic.

Extending the activity:

• Increase the size of the grid: what happens when the game is played with 4X4 grid?

The winner has to achieve a straight line

• What happens if 3 people play?

How this supports knowledge & development: Children need time to learn the game by just enjoying the experience and having fun!

Outdoor maths helps to:

• Develop the concept of decision making, thinking logically and turn taking

• Maths positional language of the next, corner, straight and lines

Questions to ask:

• Does it matter who goes first?

• What would happen if…?

• What did you learn from that round?

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