Memory Game

You will need: (examples):

  • A collection of 5-10 objects, this could include some toys or household objects.
  • Vary the number of objects depending on the age of your child.

The Activity:

  • Place the items on a tray or board. Talk to your child, asking them to name the items or telling them the name of unfamiliar items. Ask your child to look at the items for about 30 seconds and remember what is there.
  • Now move the tray out of sight, or cover it with a cloth and see how many items your child can remember

Extending The Activity:

  • Take the tray away, or cover it up and remove one or two objects. Replace it and ask your child which are missing.
  • Give the children strategies on how to remember the objects, such as memorizing their position relative to other objects, “the block is next to the car”.

Words to introduce during the activity to support language development

  • Remember
  • Memory
  • Concentrate
  • Next to
  • Near
  • Missing
  • Pair
  • Double

How this supports your child's learning:

This fun game helps to develop children’s concentration and memory, both great skills for all kinds of learning. Focusing on visual memory, children are asked to store, retain and retrieve information after the initial visual stimulus has been taken away. Developing visual memory helps children remember visual images like shapes, letters and numbers.

Top Tip:

Vary the objects according to the abilities of your child. Older children might be given some smaller objects; younger children will remember better if they are given larger, brighter objects.

Alternatively you can cut out lily pads from paper and draw different flowers on them, your child then has to match up the flowers...

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