Dressing Up

  • Dressing up clothes
  • Range of materials/fabrics
  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Old glasses
  • Boxes
  • Paper bags
  • Large Box of bag

Extending The Activity

  • Follow your child’s lead, if they dress up as a super hero you could encourage them to create and act out a story to use their super hero powers!
  • Add additional resources, if they are acting out shops, create a till, add a shopping basket, play foods to support their play.

The Activity:

  • Once you have sourced all of your material/resources for imaginative play, place them in a box or bag.
  • Having them all in one place will make it easier for children to access them and explore what they can be.

  • Character
  • Acting
  • Texture
  • Size
  • Interest
  • Profession
  • Alternate
  • Identity
  • Alias
  • Animal
  • Cover
  • Paint

How this supports your child's learning:

Dressing up encourages children to use their imagination and develop their creative play. They can imitate others and develop their knowledge and understanding of key events happening around them. Dressing up can also develop gross motor skills, moving their bodies to get into clothes; and develop fine motor skills doing up fastenings. All great skills for building independence and self-help.

Top Tip

Get involved and dress up, letting your imagination run wild! Children will love to make you part of their story and will show you what you need to do.

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