Activities To Do This Easter

From egg hunts and nest cakes, to card making and Easter baskets, get creative and have fun together this Easter with these activity ideas…

Easter egg hunt

What’s Easter without an Easter egg hunt? Your children will love waking up to clues and then running around trying to find their eggs. You can choose to hide actual chocolate Easter eggs, or you can buy some plastic or polystyrene eggs and hide them – either way, the kids will love this activity!

Don’t forget to make the clues simple enough for the children to find!

Making Easter nest cakes

These are so easy to make and they taste delicious! Supermarkets always have loads of Easter baking decorations too so you could swap mini eggs for carrots or a little chick if you wanted to!

What you’ll need:

  • A big bar of chocolate
  • Easter themed cake cases (you can use any, but Easter themed is more fun, right?)
  • Cornflakes or Rice Krispies
  • Mini eggs


(You might want to do steps 1-4 yourself if your little ones are too small)

  1. Fill a small saucepan with water (no more than half of the pan) and bring to the boil.
  2. Turn the heat down and place a glass bowl over the pan, break the chocolate up and add it to the bowl.
  3. Mix the chocolate around the bowl as it starts to melt and add more chocolate as you go along.
  4. Continue until the chocolate is fully melted and lovely and smooth.
  5. Once done, take the bowl off the pan and place it on the side.
  6. Add in the cornflakes and mix well
  7. Continue to add more cornflakes until there’s no more chocolate left to mix.
  8. Spoon your chocolate cornflakes into the cake cases, top with mini eggs and then leave for an hour or so until the chocolate has hardened.

For a healthier (but just as tasty) version of Easter nest cakes try these Apple Easter Nests, they include apples, shredded wheat and dark chocolate so they are the perfect alternative!

Easter baskets with Easter eggs

This is such a fun activity to do with the children and it’s a great way to let them show off their creative side. You’ll need a basket (you can get them from eBay or most arts and crafts stores, especially around Easter time), and some Easter themed arts and crafts materials such as tissue paper (shredded looks great), and ribbons to decorate the basket, and of course some little chicks to put in the basket.

For the eggs, you can get plastic or polystyrene eggs that are perfect for decorating and some paints, pens and stickers. Hobbycraft have a great Easter range that’s also really cheap. You could also take your children shopping with you so they can choose what arts and crafts equipment they would like to create their Easter basket and Easter eggs.

Your children could also use their Easter basket for their Easter egg hunt!

Make Easter Cards

Another arts and crafts activity, but making Easter cards is great fun and it allows children to practise their handwriting. Plus, family and friends will love having receiving cards made by the kids!

You’ll need plenty of coloured card, pens, paints, feathers and stickers (you might even have some left over from decorating your Easter eggs). Encourage your children to write their own message in the card – you might want to draw a template first to help them – and if it looks like a scribble then don’t worry, ask them what they’ve written as it will still show their thought process.

Visit the farm

Children love visiting the farms, it’s a great way for them to interact with and learn about different animals, plus it’s a really fun day out! As you go round the farm ask them what animals they can see and what noise they make or what colour they are. You’re sure to see plenty of chicks, lambs and rabbits and you might even get to hold some animals!


Easter foods

When it comes to eating food during Easter we like to stick to tradition, and thankfully they are all delicious! Here’s an idea of what you could eat on Easter Sunday.

Breakfast: It has to be boiled egg with soldiers, right?

Lunch: A tasty hot cross bun and some fruit

Dinner: Roast lamb and all the trimmings!


And of course, plenty of Easter eggs!

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