Baby Room Benefits

We take a look at six benefits a nursery environment can have for babies.

There’s no ‘right’ age to send your child to nursery – this is usually determined by your personal circumstances. For some parents, it’s when they need or want to return to work after parental leave. For others, it’s much later, and is based on helping your child socialise and further develop before starting school.

Whatever your circumstances, or the age of your child, there are many benefits of nursery – we take a look at six ways in which in which it can help babies learn and develop:

Six Benefits of Nursery for Babies

  • Variety of Activities
    The variety of interactive and stimulating activities on offer at nursery helps nurture and encourage your child’s development. Nursery helps little ones explore a variety of sensory environments, encouraging visual stimuli, different sounds, textures and smells, using their interests as a basis for learning.

  • Early Language Development
    Interaction with nursery practitioners and peers helps your little one foster early language development, increasing their vocabulary and language through a variety of different contexts.

  • Socialisation
    Becoming more socialised and interacting with children of a similar age helps your baby establish connections and make friends. Children learn a lot from their peers. From helping and copying each other, to learning to share and take turns; all are vital in their learning and development.

  • Stability and Routine
    Following the routine your baby/toddler has at home, nursery works with you and your little one to create an environment that feels familiar and safe. Nursery provides a routine and structure to your child’s day, which helps them to feel more confident and secure.

  • Build Physical Stamina and Support Large Motor Skills Development
    Nursery offers a variety of surroundings with soft, safe places for your baby or toddler to roll over, crawl, pull up, explore their developing physical stamina and support large motor skills development. Having constant stimulation, and new activities to explore and engage in helps build stamina and skill development.

  • Support and Information for Parents
    Any questions or concerns you may have about your little one can be shared with nursery practitioners. During baby/toddler stages, such as weaning and potty training, nursery will work with you to introduce solids and new foods, as well as being on hand for advice and tips for potty training.

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